Mooring Arrangements CBM.pdf

CBM (Conventional Buoy Mooring)

  • Ship is requested to have 12 synthetic mooring lines on board 200 mtr each

9 - ropes at aft (6 - port side, 3 - starboard side)

3 - ropes at fore (all of them at starboard side)

  • LOA min 200 max 250 >> for loading with 2 hoses 12"

  • LOA min 182 max 200 >> for loading with 1 hose 12"

  • Safe Draft: Please see ports, Batumi, CBM for recent update;

  • Vessel should be equipped with steam winch or hydraulic crane with minimal capacity

5 metric tons, for hose connection and length of the booms to be not less than 8-10 meters

  • Maximal displacement not more 140 000 tons

  • Maximal LOA not more 250 meters

  • All vessels before loading at CBM will be checked gas inside a cargo tanks. The gas inside of tanks will be checked for H2S and HC contents using Ships equipment. (Gas detection tubes, multi Gas detector or similar) In order to save time before loading, we kindly ask you to have ready equipment on arrival for measuring above gases.

  • Hose connection side for CBM (Always starboard side)

  • Gangway requirements for CBM (Always port side and only accommodation ladder)

  • H2S content for all vessels to be less then 10 ppm

  • HC content is to be according ISGOTT requirement

  • If the vessel is provided with IGS system the equipment to be in good working condition and all cargo tanks to be inerted before cargo operation, oxygen content should be not more then 8 %.