Oil Refinery in Georgia


ZD Oil Company, Ltd. is oil processing plant, licensed in Georgia. 25-year licenses for was issued in 2015. It is notable that the Georgian oil product market is 98% dependent upon imported fuel.

ZD Oil Company, Ltd. is located in Matkopi Village of Gardabani Municipality, in Vaziani territory. Company was founded in 2013. It refines the Crude oil extracted from the territory of Georgia. (480 tpd) the factory is located two-hectare land area and produces three types of oil products (crude oil, fuel oil, diesel) since 2015. For products certified laboratory tests provided and whole production process corresponds to the all terms of Georgian legislation.

In the territory of the factory there is backup park (capacity 23000 m3) and two load/unload platforms, both, for motor and railway services. (for 18 carriage) the factory is equipped with the best Canadian oven-machines, rectification convoys, pumps and refrigerators.

Trans Logistic LLC have service agreement with ZD Oil Company refinery. We provide maritime, port services, and logistics support in Georgia for further resale of oil products after processing to export markets.

ZD Oil Company have also valid compounding license in Georgia. 25-year licenses for was issued in 2017 which provides possibility to blend transit crude oil and oil products in Batumi oil terminal.